First-hand Experience of the Mazda CX-3 Driving Sensation

First-hand Experience of the Mazda CX-3 Driving Sensation

PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI), part of Eurokars Group, invited 12 media representatives to gain first-hand experience of the Mazda CX-3 driving sensation through a two-day Mazda Media Drive from Jakarta to Bandung on 20 and 21 April. The Mazda CX-3, which has been long anticipated by motoring enthusiasts and Mazda lovers in Indonesia, took to the streets for the first time in Jakarta.

The media gathered in the morning of 20 April at the Aphrodite Club in Kuningan, Jakarta,and began their day and the Mazda Media Drive with a briefing on the Mazda CX-3 which was delivered by the Product Planning Expert of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia, Mr Bonar Damarjati Pakpahan. The Flag Start was flown by the Sales, Marketing & PR Director of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia, Mr Ricky Thio, who symbolically flagged off the media who were behind the wheels of the Mazda CX-3 Touring to mark the commencement of the Media Drive Mazda CX-3 journey.

Mr Thio, Sales, Marketing & PR Director, PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia said, “The Mazda CX-3 adopts the latest flagship feature of Mazda technology, the G-Vectoring Control (GVC), which adds comfort and safety without compromising the signature ZOOM ZOOM Mazda driving sensation. It is through the Mazda Media Drive that the media have experienced for themselves the excellent wheel grip and cushioning of shocks in a Mazda vehicle that is equipped with GVC.”

“The creation of a comfortable driving environment that allows a driver to intuitively and accurately feel his or her car’s response and smoothly operate the vehicle is fundamental to Mazda’s “Jinba-ittai” – oneness between man and car. Mazda pursues and perfects these principles in its latest CX-3 model,” Mr Thio added.

Mr Ricky Thio, Sales, Marketing& PR Director of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia, flagging off the Mazda CX-3 media drive


Members of the media got a first-hand experience in driving the Mazda CX-3 on the road

June 8, 2017