Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow 2015

Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow 2015

3M Indonesia collaborated with PT Eurokars Tirta Utama as a 3M Authorized National Distributor, and took part in the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2015 (GIIAS).

In this event, 3M come with complete solutions of non-metal window film. This technology is important, considering the glass film containing metal can impede communications signals.

The development of communication technology has grown very rapidly, characterized by the presence of a variety of smart phones and communication devices and satellite-based radio frequency in a motor vehicle.
But unfortunately, there are still a lot of window film vehicles that actually inhibits the signal from the vehicle communication device because the content of metal contained in the glass film. This happens because the metal has a denser molecular composition which can interfere with signal reception.

To resolve this problem, 3M window film solutions to bring non-metal on Crystalline series. Crystalline did not contain metal so it is environmentally friendly and will not interfere with cell phone signals, GPS and other electronic devices that use radio frequencies. This can reduce the risk of interruption of connectivity while driving. ”

Furthermore, Crystalline is made using multi-layer nano-technology , where each sheet of Crystalline film consists of 200 layers of nano layers. This unique technology makes Crystalline more heat resistant without sacrificing the visibility and appearance of the vehicle. The Crystalline series even has the ability to resist heat of up to SPF 1700. A variety of these advantages enabled 3M™ Auto Film to receive the prestigious TOP Brand Award for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015.


At the event, 3M also brought innovative solutions to homes via the 3M™ Window Film that has been specifically designed to provide comfort and additional protection for residential buildings.

The use of 3M™ Window Film in homes serves to regulate the incoming sunlight and withstand up to 99% of damaging UV rays, and can slow down the fading of furniture and carpets in the house. Consistency of temperature in each room can be properly maintained and glare can be reduced on a television or computer monitor.

In terms of security, the use of 3M ™ Window Film can reduce the risk of burglary by breaking the glass house. 3M™ Window Film is designed to help hold broken glass and reducing the likelihood of injury from broken glass that flew when scattered upon fragmentation thanks to technology, special adhesive from 3M. This feature also will slow down the efforts of criminals who are trying to get into the house by breaking the glass. ”

Similar to the 3M™ Auto Film, 3M™ Window Film also does not contain metal so it is friendly to the environment ”

In order to meet consumer’s varying needs, 3M has prepared a diverse series of 3M™ Window Film, among others: 3M ™ Sun Control Window, 3M ™ Sun Control Prestige Series Film, 3M ™ Sun Control Night Vision Series Film, 3M ™ Safety and Security window Films, 3M ™ Safety and Security Films Ultra Prestige Series and 3M ™ Safety & Security Film Safety Series.

We hope that through 3M’s presence at international auto shows such as GIIAS, we can provide more in-depth education about the importance of using high quality window film in vehicles as well as in homes. Furthermore, we expect consumers to become more familiar with 3M – a brand that will continue to provide innovative solutions for many years.

May 19, 2016