Wine and Dine with Pio Cesare

Wine and Dine with Pio Cesare

Guests of Maserati Indonesia and Pio Cesare Winery were invited to an exclusive wine and dine session on 14 November 2017 at Alto by Four Seasons Jakarta.

Pio Cesare Winery has been producing wines for more than 100 years, and has since won numerous awards along with being rated highly by influential wine critics.

Mr Pio Boffa – the fourth generation owner of Pio Cesare Winery, flew in specially for this event to share some of the best wines in their collection. And he spoke enthusiastically about the intricacies of wine appreciation.

Mr Pio Boffa, the fourth generation owner of renowned Pio Cesare, doing a wine test before serving it to the guests

Mr Donny Makalew, General Manager of Maserati Indonesia (right), presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Pio Boffa

From left to right: Mr Donny Makalew, General Manager, Maserati Indonesia; Ms Tanti Jumiati, Executive Director, Forbes Indonesia; Mr. Pio Boffa, Owner of Pio Cesare Winery; Ms Elizabeth Ace, Marketing Manager, Maserati Indonesia, and Mr Ryan Wiranata, Director, Forbes Indonesia

April 5, 2018