MINI Getaway – Relax, Refresh And Refuel At Kuantan, Malaysia

MINI Owners embarked on a weekend route escapade towards Kuantan’s tranquil sanctuary with a fleet of 28 cars and 65 participants and crew, away from the urban traffic while embracing the spirit of the open road. After a six hour drive, the MINI Getaway participants arrived at Mangala Resorts and Spa resort and were greeted by lush green serenity before settling down in their private villas.

Weaving through scenic roads, the MINI owners took in breathtaking views of the Malaysian coast via the highway and B roads. Whilst on the move, these MINIs displayed signature go-kart handling and responsive agility, effortlessly navigating corners on the weaving B roads and highways.

Adding memories with MINI, the participants had an exciting time driving in convoys.

Power 98 FM Radio’s DJ, JK, brought laughter and bonding to a whole new level at the MINI Getaway welcome dinner.

An aerial drone shot which captures the full fleet of MINIs and their ecstatic owners who are already looking forward to the next MINI Getaway.

September 5, 2017