Porsche Weekend Drive

Porsche owners were taken on an adventure of a lifetime as Porsche Singapore took to the streets of Malaysia for the annual Porsche Weekend Drive in April. This year, the impressive Porsche fleet – a convoy of 27 Porsches – took an exhilarating route across Malaysia that was previously never conquered by that many Porsches. From driving down winding B-roads to cruising on freeways, the well-planned route gave everyone a chance to put their Porsches to the test.

The three-day two-night trip included pit stops along the way, for fuelling up on a great selection of food and enjoying the sights that Malaysia has to offer. Although it was a tiring drive, everyone left with a smile on their faces. Our Porsche owners had an undoubtedly wonderful weekend over an exhilarating driving experience like none other. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/Porsche.Singapore.


Porsche owners gathered at Porsche Centre Singapore in the early morning for a group photograph before heading off in their vehicles and embarking on a fun-filled drive across Malaysia.



June 8, 2017