University of South California Visit to Porsche Centre Singapore

Date: 18 May, 2017

Porsche Centre Singapore was recently host to a group of students from the University of South California, Marshall School of Business, as part of Porsche’s ongoing commitment to inspire young minds and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

In line with Porsche’s efforts to contribute to the education of youth, these future business leaders were taken through an educational journey, learning about the Porsche brand from end-to-end, its business model, and the automobile industry in Singapore.

They were also treated to a stirring speech by the Managing Director of Stuttgart Auto, Porsche Centre Singapore, Mr. Francis Lee.


Porsche Centre Singapore representative handing over souvenir to students from Marshall School of Business, University of South California.


Mr. Francis Lee, Managing Director, Stuttgart Auto, answering questions from students after his speech


Students having discussion after the speech by Mr Francis Lee

June 8, 2017