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Eurokars Group broadens its strategic alliance with Liberty Insurance

Eurokars Group broadens its strategic alliance with Liberty Insurance

SINGAPORE, 8 October 2020 – Eurokars Group has expanded its partnership with global insurer, Liberty Insurance, so as to offer a broad spectrum of value-added benefits, enhanced protection and greater peace of mind for all its customers.

“Our partnership with Liberty Insurance dates back to 2017 with premium insurance coverage for Porsche sports cars. This is a significant alliance which now extends to three of the premium and luxury automotive brands that are being represented by Eurokars Group in Singapore including Porsche, Rolls-Royce and McLaren Automotive, as well as Eurokars Pre-Owned Pte Ltd. It marks the first strategic tie-up on this scale between Eurokars Group – the largest privately-owned car distributorship in Singapore, and Liberty Insurance – a Fortune 100 company and the ninth largest insurer in the general insurance industry in Singapore,” said Mr Shaun Domoney, Group Chief Operating Officer, Eurokars Group.

When asked why this collaboration is significant, Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Insurance, Defne Turkes added: “We are excited by this opportunity to build a more holistic and customer-centric insurance programme for Eurokars Group clients. Through this collaboration, Eurokars Group’s customers can not only look forward to comprehensive coverage but also a transformative customer experience through an integrated digital platform that they have access to. It’s truly an honour for Liberty Insurance to partner with Eurokars Group.”

Key highlights of the benefits:

• Loss of use for up to 30 days (2000cc) from Trans Eurokars Group
• Complimentary Car Polish at your door step (Mobile Service)**
• Complimentary Limousine Service (in the event the car cannot be driven home)**

** applicable to Comprehensive policies only

On top of the comprehensive range of benefits, the customers of Porsche, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, McLaren Automotive and Eurokars Pre-Owned can look forward to the launch of a fully digital and integrated platform which puts the convenience of purchasing and renewing motor insurance at their fingertips and in the safety and comfort of their homes. They also have the option of purchasing a two-year policy which enables them to enjoy their protection, discounts and complimentary services upfront.

Those who are looking to renew their motor insurance coverage will receive an exclusive offer only redeemable via this policy.

“The well-being and satisfaction of our discerning and selective customers across our premium, luxury and supersports brands as well as Eurokars Pre-Owned are of paramount importance to us. The premium motor insurance coverage which we are offering to them through our partnership with Liberty Insurance is uncompromisingly customer-centric and truly one of a kind. We are going the extra mile to impart to them a sense of safety and security, and peace of mind during these uncertain and turbulent times. Under the auspices of our alliance with Liberty Insurance, we will continue to streamline the processes of procuring vital insurance coverage and drive better value for our customers,” added Mr Domoney.