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The new MINI Electric now available in Singapore

The new MINI Electric now available in Singapore

Charged with passion.

Singapore. MINI Asia and Eurokars Habitat today announced the availability of the new MINI Electric in Singapore, marking the start of urban mobility through a purely electric drive in hallmark MINI style. The new MINI Electric is the first solely electrically powered model of the British brand – it combines sustainable mobility with the riding fun, expressive design, and premium quality that are typical of MINI.

Spontaneous power delivery of its electric motor, the brand-specific front-wheel drive, and the innovative driving dynamics system with wheel slip limiting close to the actuator – these elements combine to give the new MINI Electric the typical MINI go-kart feeling with a particularly intense and unmistakable agility. The high-voltage battery is situated deep in the vehicle floor, ensuring zero limitations in terms of luggage compartment volume as compared to the conventionally powered MINI 3 Door.

With the new MINI Electric, the British brand once again sets a pioneering impetus for urban mobility. 60 years ago, the revolutionary design principle of the classic Mini established the basis for maximum interior space with a minimum surface area. The MINI was then launched in 2001 – a modern re-interpretation of creative space usage and unique riding fun that became the original in the premium segment of small cars. The new MINI Electric is hence the first purely electric premium small car, paving the way to a sustainable yet highly emotional driving experience in urban traffic.

The new MINI Electric comes off the production line at the MINI plant in Oxford along with the conventionally powered versions of the model. Its drive technology comes from the BMW Group competence centres for electromobility in Dingolfing and Landshut.

The new MINI Electric: an overview of the highlights.

  • First MINI and first small car in the premium segment to run on electrical power only.
  • Electric motor with 135 kW/184 hp and 270 Nm. Recuperation can be configured at two levels for individual one-pedal feeling.
  • Model-specific lithium-ion battery enables range of 242-270 km without constraints in luggage compartment volume.
  • Can be charged at a wallbox or public charging stations. Fast direct-current charging possible at up to 50 kW.
  • Outstanding agility due to spontaneous power delivery, low centre of gravity, front-wheel drive, and wheel slip limiting close to the actuator.
  • Acceleration from 0-60 km/h in 3.9 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.
  • Characteristic design of the MINI 3 Door with model-specific accentuations.
  • Model-specific display and control elements in the interior.
  • First MINI model in Singapore to feature Driving Assistant as standard. Other equipment highlights includes Adaptive LED Matrix Headlights and Connected Navigation Plus.

The all-new electric MINI

Vehicle concept: a genuine MINI to the core.

The vehicle concept of the first ever purely electric model of the British brand is based on the MINI 3 Door – its dimensions, design, space and interior ambience draw from the conventionally powered vehicle, the development of which already took account of the expansion of the model range to include an electrically powered version.

Instead of a petrol or diesel engine, there is an electric motor under the bonnet of the new MINI Electric. This compact unit with integrated power electronics and transmission is positioned in the front section of the support frame by means of a solid tube structure. The high-voltage battery with model-specific configuration consists of lithium-ion cells subdivided into 12 modules. These form a T-shaped unit positioned in the vehicle floor, providing a gross energy content of 32.6 kWh. The high-voltage battery is placed deep in the vehicle floor between the front seats and below the rear seats.

Taking this factor into account, as well as the electric motor being smaller and significantly lighter than a combustion engine, there is an outstandingly harmonious axle load distribution of the new MINI Electric. The car has a lower centre of gravity as compared to a MINI 3 Door – as such, the electrically-powered model offers even more agile handling and supremely secure road-holding, especially in enthusiastic driving scenarios such as cornering at high speed.

At the same time, there are no limits whatsoever to the luggage compartment space – the luggage volume under the tailgate is 211 litres, expanding to 731 litres when the rear backrests are folded down (as with the MINI 3 Door with a combustion engine). The only measurable difference is in the vehicle’s height: in order to ensure the relevant ground clearance for the high-voltage battery installed in the vehicle floor, the body of the new MINI Electric is positioned some 18 mm higher than in the conventionally powered model.

All components of the electric drive are protected by means of model-specific structural features. The power electronics are shielded by a reinforced bumper support and the motor support frame, while the high-voltage battery is protected by a solid base plate. In the event of a collision, the electric drive is immediately switched off. With an unladen kerb weight of 1,365 kilograms, the electric model is only some 150 kilograms heavier than the MINI Cooper S 3 Door with Steptronic transmission.

Characteristic MINI design with model-specific accentuations.
The new MINI Electric sets itself apart from the masses with its powerful proportions in the typical three-part structure of the body frame, all-round greenhouse and roof, short overhangs, and widely set wheels. The central element of the car’s front section features the brand’s hallmark hexagonal contour, but this is closed since the electric motor requires very little cooling air.

Precisely applied accentuations indicate the new MINI Electric’s future-oriented drive system. A decorative bar on the grille and exterior mirror caps are finished in Energetic Yellow, and Adaptive LED Matrix Headlights are fitted as standard. All exterior finishes can also be combined with a roof and exterior mirror caps in body finish (not available in conjunction with the body colour White Silver metallic), or else in black or white.

The new MINI Electric charging flap with an embossed MINI Electric logo

The charge connection is located above the right-hand rear wheel – exactly where the fuel filler neck is located on the combustion-engined MINI 3 Door. An embossed MINI Electric logo marks the difference in terms of energy input. Yellow versions of this signet appear on the side scuttles, tailgate, and front radiator grille.

Together with the model-specific front radiator grille, the largely closed undercarriage and the distinctively designed rear apron contribute to reducing aerodynamic drag. Since the electrically powered MINI does not require an exhaust system, these likewise facilitate air ducting in the undercarriage and at the rear. The 17-inch light alloy wheels with asymmetrical MINI Electric Power Spoke 2-tone design features an aerodynamically optimised surface – this wheel option with runflat tyres is exclusively available for the new MINI Electric and fitted as standard.

In the interior, the new MINI Electric comes with sports seats for the driver and front passenger as standard, with all seats wrapped in Leather Cross Punch in Carbon Black. Velour floor mats with yellow seams and a MINI Electric logo lend further elegance to the interior. Eye-catching yellow touches can also be found on the unique cockpit fascia, as well as the start/stop button amongst other features – these contrast nicely with an anthracite headliner and add a particular accentuation that underlines sustainable mobility.

Class-leading technology.

The new MINI Electric has many premium features fitted as standard such as Park Distance Control in the front and rear, and a 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. A particularly useful feature is the MINI Head-Up Display – this helps the driver concentrate on what is happening on the road by displaying relevant information right in the driver’s line of vision. As such, pertinent driving information can be seen quickly and conveniently without the driver having to take his eyes off the road.
The new MINI Electric is the first MINI model in Singapore to be equipped with the Driving Assistant package as standard. This camera-based system increases safety on the road by recognising and reporting speed limits. A digital high-beam assistant with Adaptive LED Matrix Headlights is also particularly useful when travelling at night in areas that are not well-lit. The collision warning and pedestrian warning systems with city braking function make it easier to avoid dangerous situations, particularly in city traffic. The Parking Assistant offers maximum comfort in searching for and using parking spaces, while the reversing camera gives drivers a better view when manoeuvring.

Other innovations in the Driving Assistant package include the camera-based speed and distance control – these help the driver automatically keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and the speed limit information system detects and displays speed limits as they apply to the current section of road. This system is supplemented by the no passing display and traffic sign memory functions. The digital headlight assist function contributes to optimum visual conditions when driving at night. Oncoming traffic and preceding vehicles are registered by a camera, while automatic switching to dimmed headlights avoids causing a nuisance for other drivers.

Pure driving fun: electric motor with 135 kW/184 hp.

Spontaneously initiated drive torque and continuous power delivery without gear shift interruption – these are the characteristic features of the drive technology fitted in the new MINI Electric. They ensure hallmark MINI driving fun in a novel form that offers a particularly intense experience. The power source is the latest, highly powerful version of the synchronous electric motor developed by the BMW Group.

The electric motor enables a high level of power delivery that extends into high engine speed ranges, an exceptionally high level of efficiency, and smooth, low-vibration running. The motor mobilises a maximum output of 135 kW/184 hp, while its maximum torque of 270 Nm is immediately available from standstill. Power transmission to the front wheels is by means of a transmission with single-stage configuration and integrated differential.

As such, the new MINI Electric develops thrilling forward propulsion at every movement of the accelerator pedal, ensuring an exceptionally spirited driving experience, particularly in urban traffic. The car accelerates from standing to 60 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, and completes the century sprint in 7.3 seconds; its top speed is limited to 150 km/h.

The new MINI Electric develops its sporty flair not only with striking spontaneity but also virtually noiselessly. As such, it is fitted with acoustic pedestrian protection as standard. A distinctive sound created especially for the new MINI Electric is generated via a speaker system. The sound design in the low speed range guarantees an acoustic presence on the road that is typical of MINI.

Thrilling agility thanks to innovative driving dynamics system.

Electric drive takes the typical MINI concept of go-kart feeling into an entirely new and fascinating dimension. The new MINI Electric features a suspension system with a single-joint spring strut at the front and a multilink rear axle – this guarantees maximum ride stability and steering precision. With a centre of gravity that is at least 30 mm lower than in the MINI Cooper S 3 Door, optimum weight distribution helps the new MINI Electric achieve a level of cornering dynamics that is unique within the small car segment.

To ensure zero loss of traction, the new MINI Electric has an innovative DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system with the actuator-related wheel slip limiter (ARB). The wheel-slip limiting close to the actuator means that control operations are calculated directly inside the drive system, rather than in a distant control unit with long signal pathways (as is the case for conventional driving stability systems). This perceptibly optimises both set-off traction and driving stability in brake energy recovery mode, as well as when accelerating out of tight bends.

MINI Driving Modes with four settings.

The first purely electrically powered MINI also enables the driver to adapt the vehicle setting to the current situation on the road as well as to their own personal preferences. The MINI Driving Modes are selected by means of a switch located on the right-hand side of the toggle bar. There are four modes to choose from – Sport, MID, GREEN, and GREEN+.

Sport mode differs from the standard MID setting, with a more direct characteristic steering curve and a particularly spontaneous response of the drive system. The comfort-oriented steering characteristics of the MID setting are also active in GREEN mode, as well as in the new GREEN+ mode specially configured for the new MINI Electric. The drive system in the two latter modes is geared towards maximum efficiency. In GREEN+ mode, additionally selected comfort functions such as air conditioning and seat heating are limited or deactivated in order to increase the range of the vehicle.

The new MINI Electric is equipped with two levels of energy recuperation mode, which can be configured easily using a toggle switch

Brake energy recovery for configuration at two levels.

Part of the characteristic driving experience in an electrically powered BMW Group model is the one-pedal feeling. The vehicle perceptibly decelerates as soon as the driver removes their foot from the accelerator. This effect occurs when the electric motor performs the function of a generator in coasting mode; kinetic energy transforms into electric power, which is in turn fed back into the high-voltage battery. As such, the electrically powered vehicle can be appropriately decelerated at low speeds without using the brake system and can therefore be driven using a single pedal. The extent to which brake energy is recovered and the vehicle is decelerated during coasting phases can be determined via the motor control programming system.

The new MINI Electric is the first electrically powered BMW Group model in which the driver can influence the degree of recuperation efficiency. A toggle switch provides the choice of intense or only low-level recuperation with the relevant deceleration impact – regardless of the MINI Driving Modes. In this way, the deceleration response on load reversal can be precisely adapted to the driver’s personal driving style. Depending on individual preferences, it is possible to make use of the momentum available on entering a bend or else bring about a more intense braking effect. In order to ensure maximum efficiency in the new MINI Electric, the high level of recuperation is automatically included in the standard setting every time the motor is started.

Interior cockpit of the new MINI Electric

Model-specific cockpit with digital instrument panel.

The new MINI Electric is fitted as standard with a 5.5-inch digital instrument cluster in. At the centre of this fully digital screen, the road speed is shown in figures with a peripheral scale band. The speed band is also displayed in the light ring of the central instrument according to the mode selected – in red (SPORT mode), white (MID) or green (GREEN and GREEN+).

Other digital displays in the instrument cluster provide information on the charge level of the high-voltage battery, the selected MINI Driving Mode, the status of the driver assistance systems, and Check Control messages. In addition, details of the range available, current drive power, outside temperature, the current time and mileage, along with traffic sign detection reports and high-guiding directions from the navigation system. It is also possible to access telephone contact and audio programme lists.

During charging, the digital instrument panel likewise supplies important information. If the vehicle is connected to a power socket or charging station, it is possible to read not just the time and outside temperature but also the available range and the charge status in per cent. Most usefully, the time at which the high-voltage battery will be fully charged is also shown. The colour of the panel changes depending on the situation: from orange during initialisation, yellow in the course of the charging process, and green when the energy reserves are fully refreshed. Any charging error is indicated by means of red colouring.

Other special interior features include the model-specific gear selector lever on the centre console. The new MINI Electric is also fitted with an electric parking brake that is activated and triggered by means of a switch on the centre console.

Charging cable with Type 2 alternating current (AC) charger on the new MINI Electric

Flexibility when charging.

The charging connection of the new MINI Electric is designed for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging using Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 plugs. Above the connection, a charge level indicator displays orange signals for initialisation, a pulsating yellow light for an ongoing charging operation, and a green light for a fully charged battery.

The new MINI Electric can be charged (with a maximum capacity of 11 kW) to 80 percent in two and a half hours, and 100 percent in three and a half hours. With a DC fast-charging station at a maximum charging capacity of 50 kW, an 80 per cent charge can be achieved in just 35 minutes.

Home charging can be done easily with the new MINI Electric Wallbox

The MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox is available for home charging, and a three-phase cable is included for use at public charging stations. An installation service is also offered as standard – the wallbox can be mounted in garages as well as in covered car ports. The ChargeNow service, powered by Shell and Greenlots in Singapore, is available for maximum public charging convenience – charging stations in the ChargeNow network are displayed on the MINI ConnectedDrive in-vehicle navigation console, along with its real-time status, pricing information, and turn-by-turn directions. Payment of the electric current used is via the ChargeNow card or the relevant smartphone app.

The 8.8 inch touchscreen Central Instrument Display with fully equipped navigation system and Connected Services

Model-specific MINI Connected Services, MINI eDrive.

The standard programme of equipment in the new MINI Electric includes a navigation system as well as central instrument display items with MINI Connected services that are specially geared towards electromobility. The eDrive screen provides information on the current flow of energy and the range as well as offering ways of increasing the vehicle range by deactivating comfort functions or boosting recuperation. On the navigation map it is possible to display a range circle that indicates the action radius of the MINI Cooper SE depending on charge level. When the route guidance starts, it displays the fastest and shortest route and also suggests a GREEN route involving the lowest level of power consumption, based on individual driving patterns.

The standard-fit Connected Navigation Plus includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen in the central instrument cluster. A 4G SIM card allows the Real Time Traffic Information service to be used, as well as the internet platform MINI Online along with Apple CarPlay preparation. Wireless charging is also available. Remote Services allow the driver to display details of battery charge status and range on a smartphone via the MINI Connected App, and it is also possible to generate statistics on the car’s energy consumption. In addition, there is a map view showing public charging stations in the vehicle’s vicinity. When the vehicle is connected to the power grid, the driver can also control the charging process via Remote Services.

Meanwhile, not only can the headlight flasher, horn, ventilation and Door lock/unlock function be remotely activated, but so can the interior pre-conditioning function. The driver can use the MINI Connected Remote App to set the intended time of departure as well as the preferred air-conditioning temperature – this convenient feature allows the interior to be pre-conditioned in advance for ultimate comfort before the driver sets off on his journey.