Occupational Health, Safety & Security Policy


Occupational Health, Safety & Security is everyone’s responsibility. The Management of Eurokars Group considers the security, safety and health of staff, workmen and all interested parties as important criteria and will give their utmost support for successful project delivery without comprising on security, safety and health issues. As such the company will implement the following Occupational Health, Safety & Security policy:

  1. Commitment to prevention of security threats, injury, ill health for all staff, workers and persons who goes into the work site.
  2. Commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements related to Occupational Health, Safety & Security hazards.
  3. Commitment to provide sufficient and appropriate resources to carry out the implementation of the OSH MS to ensure sustainable security, safety and health standards for all staff and workers on the site.
  4. Commitment to continual improvement in OSH management and performance.

Eurokars Group Workplace Security, Safety and Health personnel and site personnel shall be responsible for ensuring safe work practices. As such, they shall be empowered and authorised to effectively carry out strict enforcement and action of all security, safety rules and regulations implemented at the workplace.

The above policy shall be communicated and briefed to all persons working under the control of the organisation with the intent to make them aware of their individual OSH obligations. This policy shall be available to all interested parties and displayed on notice board at all workplace.

Eurokars Group shall review and revise the policy and objectives set annually during the management review meeting to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.