Mazda Indonesia and GarasiDrift Ready to Announce Winner of Mazda RX-8 Giveaway

Mazda Indonesia and GarasiDrift Ready to Announce Winner of Mazda RX-8 Giveaway

In seven days, on February 27th, 2024, Mazda Indonesia will announce the winner of the Project Giveaway Mazda RX-8. This car has been modified by GarasiDrift, an automotive content creator that specializes in JDM modifications and is owned by Ziko Harnadi and Dipo Dwiki. This will be the fourth car modified by GarasiDrift and will be given away for free to lucky GarasiDrift subscribers. To stand a chance to win this modified car, GarasiDrift subscribers only need to purchase GarasiDrift apparel products on the Shopee Indonesia platform. Every purchase of GarasiDrift merchandise will come with a bonus giveaway voucher for the Mazda RX-8 unit.

Mazda Indonesia’s genuine merchandise brand, Mazda Curated, has recently launched the Mazda Curated x GarasiDrift apparel collection. This collection was released on GarasiDrift’s partner e-commerce platform on February 10th and sold out within an hour. Pramita Sari, the Marketing & Communications General Manager of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia, expressed her gratitude for the enthusiastic response from Mazda Friends and GarasiDrift subscribers. Mazda Curated was introduced in early 2023 to showcase the premium lifestyle essence of the Mazda brand to Indonesian fans, and the response has been heartwarming. The limited-edition apparel collection for Mazda fans was also launched alongside the giveaway project with GarasiDrift, and the response has exceeded expectations. We appreciate the tremendous support from Mazda Friends and GarasiDrift subscribers. Stay tuned for many other exciting collections curated by Mazda!

(from left to right) Ziko Harnadi, Pramita Sari, and Dipo Dwiki showcased the Mazda Curated x GarasiDrift apparel collection, which sold out in under an hour on February 10th.

Mazda RX-8 JDM Modification with GarasiDrift Style

GarasiDrift has modified a Mazda RX-8 using the JDM Modification technique, inspired by the Street Racing style. The main focus of the modification was to maintain optimal performance for racing on the circuit while ensuring everyday usability. The modification process, including adjustments to the interior components, exterior, engine, and suspension systems, was carried out professionally, following GarasiDrift’s distinctive standards. Since December 22, 2023, GarasiDrift has been uploading weekly videos of the modification process to their YouTube channel, GarasiDrift, allowing giveaway participants to observe the process directly.

Here are the details of the modifications that GarasiDrift has made to the Mazda RX-8: On the exterior, the car has been equipped with a Facelifted Kit to give it a fresher appearance, a Rocket Bunny Body Kit to add an aggressive impression, a Rocket Bunny Swan Neck Wing to increase downforce, and Sticker & Decal Wrapping by Goodfix for a more appealing look.

The car’s interior has been given a modern update with attention to the dashboard and all interior parts. The seats are now upholstered with Vision’s Microfiber Leather, while the steering wheel has been replaced with a racing steering wheel. Upgraded Venom audio equipment has been installed to enhance the audio system’s sound quality. An Altech Radiator has also been added to the engine department to improve cooling.

Weds Sport Wheels were added to the suspension to enhance the sportiness of the car. Altech X GarasiDrift brakes were installed to improve the car’s braking power. The ISX Suspension and Camber Arm Kit were added to improve balance and provide optimal driving comfort. With all these modifications, the modified Mazda RX-8 by GarasiDrift offers its owner an unforgettable driving experience.

Appreciation from Mazda Indonesia towards the Automotive Industry & Creative Space of Car Modification in Indonesia

During an Instagram Live session with GarasiDrift at the Mazda Indonesia Headquarters in Simprug, Jakarta, Ricky Thio, the Managing Director of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI), the sole distributor of Mazda automotive brand in Indonesia, expressed, “Mazda Indonesia’s collaboration with GarasiDrift in the Mazda RX-8 giveaway project is our way of showing appreciation for the local automotive industry, especially for its creative car modification. We highly value the passion and enthusiasm of the younger generation at GarasiDrift, which represents the unique JDM-style modification in Indonesia. We aim to reintroduce Mazda’s RX-8, a flagship roadster model, to the Indonesian public. It is equipped with a Rotary Engine. It is renowned for its impressive performance and enjoyable driving experience, making it a fun car to drive.”

At the same time, Ziko Harnadi, CEO of GarasiDrift, highlighted that “The Mazda RX-8’s rotary engine is one of the model’s unique features. This was the primary reason GarasiDrift selected it as the subject for the modification project giveaway in partnership with Mazda Indonesia. Harnadi believes that the rotary engine’s performance and distinctiveness will provide an unparalleled attraction, allowing them to create extraordinary modifications and deliver a memorable driving experience.”

“The announcement of the Mazda RX-8 Project Giveaway winner is also an important moment in celebrating the 7th anniversary of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia and GarasiDrift at the beginning of 2024. We hope that the success of this project will be a good start for us and inspire both companies to continue making positive contributions to the automotive industry in the future,” concluded Ricky Thio.

If you’re a GarasiDrift subscriber, you still have a chance to participate in the Mazda RX-8 project giveaway until February 22, 2024. The Mazda RX-8 Project Giveaway winner will be announced on February 27, 2024, at 16:00 WIB. The announcement will be made via a live broadcast on the GarasiDrift YouTube channel, and representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Indonesian National Police will monitor the winner selection process. Take advantage of this opportunity; you could be the lucky winner!

April 2, 2024