MINI excites. MINI is unique. MINI is more than an automobile. MINI is straightforward, sincere and authentic, blending creativity with cleverness and offering an open platform for people, design and a vibrant urban life. MINI’s spirited attitude to life inspires people and has continued to do so across several generations. MINI is headquartered and manufactured in Oxford, UK and is a brand of BMW Group.

Our showroom, the MINI Habitat which opened in 2006, is a complete expression of this philosophy. It also made history by being the first in the world to have a standalone MINI Habitat concept built.

The showroom redefines the concept of retail where everything that is experienced provides a sense of satisfaction, child-like awe and wonder. It becomes a destination to visit over and over again.


The New MINI 3-Door | Explore More Corners

Turn left. Turn right. Turn somewhere new. With the classic go-kart feeling, it’s time to explore more corners with the new MINI 3-Door.

MINI at the Singapore Motorshow 2018

Exuding energetic and passionate vibes, MINI presented an exciting showcase at the Singapore Motorshow 2018 which was held at Suntec City for the very first time under the ambit of Eurokars Group.Read More

February 27, 2018

MINI Getaway – Relax, Refresh And Refuel At Kuantan, Malaysia

MINI Owners embarked on a weekend route escapade towards Kuantan’s tranquil sanctuary with a fleet of 28 cars and 65 participants and crewRead More

September 5, 2017