MINI Eurokars Indonesia, operating under PT Trans Eurokars Indonesia, stands as the authorised MINI dealer in Indonesia. Commencing its journey in August 2023, MINI Eurokars made a vibrant entrance with a Pop-Up Showroom in North Jakarta, capturing the essence of MINI’s fun and distinctive brand.

2024 promises an exciting development as MINI Eurokars plans to unveil a 3S showroom in the lively PIK area. This move reflects the brand’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive MINI experience for enthusiasts and potential buyers.

MINI, renowned not just as a car but as a lifestyle, embodies a spirit that transcends traditional automotive norms. The brand uniquely encapsulates a go-kart feeling, bringing a sense of fun and playfulness to the driving experience. MINI Eurokars Indonesia, in sync with the global MINI ethos, aims to seamlessly blend automotive excellence with a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle, making every drive a unique and memorable adventure.