Maserati is one of the most fascinating car production companies with a long history of appeal, tradition and sporting success.

It was founded in Bologna by Alfieri Maserati on 1 December 1914 and established as a mechanical workshop named ‘Officine Alfieri Maserati’. The Maserati brothers adopted the symbol of the Trident, created by the artist of the family Mario Maserati and inspired by the famous statue of Neptune in Bologna, and made it the logo synthesizing the new company in a single image.

Maserati is now a global brand operating in over 70 markets. Unlike any other manufacturer, Maserati has succeeded in instilling within its cars both heritage and innovation, past and future, memory and vision. Its heart may be rooted in its Italian heritage, but its eyes are firmly focused on the future.

Today Maserati pride is reflected in the values that define the brand. Through the evolution of its designs, Maserati has led the way in automotive fashion, with unique cars that are elegant and yet sporty, and always with highly personal and distinctive lines. From the rounded and curvy details of the brand’s early years, its cars gradually evolved to become larger, longer and more streamlined.

Over the years, Maserati has worked with several established engineers and designers such as Giugiaro, Zagato, Ramaciotti and Pininfarina to create some of the most popular designs and concept cars of all time, including the Birdcage 75th, heralded as one of the most iconic Maserati models in recent history.

PT. Auto Trisula Indonesia has been the official importer and dealer for Maserati in Indonesia since 2014.

We believe in quality service and focus on meeting the needs and desires of our customers. In keeping with our credo of putting customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do, PT Auto Trisula launched ‘Maserati Assistance’. Through this exclusive service, we ensure that our customers experience the best of Maserati, anytime, anywhere. This service is available 24/7 and provides solutions for Maserati owners experiencing technical problems with their vehicles.

Our engineers get hands-on training in Italy to understand all of the technical issues and are available to carry out repairs on the spot, whether at home or the office. Where necessary, we will pick up your Maserati for further and more in-depth diagnosis at authorised workshops.

We are aware of the value of a Maserati for the owner and it is our responsibility as a single agent to continue to give the best to all Maserati owners in Indonesia without exception. As part of our efforts to ensure that a Maserati is in its best possible condition, we periodically invite Maserati owners to a free check-up at Maserati authorised workshops that are equipped with Maserati Diagnosi – a full scanner that is connected directly via online streaming to Maserati in Italy with access to the best solution to any technical problem.


The New Levante SUV

The Levante SUV embodies the enduring, intrepid and endlessly progressive spirit of Maserati – and it is part of a story that dates back over 100 years. The wind that bears its name blows across the Mediterranean and can change from benign calm to gale force in an instant.

The Levante SUV has a similar nature, although its powerful forces always remain under perfect control. In true Maserati grand touring tradition, nothing can disturb your comfort – whatever the speed, whatever the distance.

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