3 New Electric MINI Models to go on Sale in 2024

The Straits Times, by Toh Yong Chuan

The local line-up of Mini electric cars is set for a complete revamp in the coming months.

“We will have the full range of electric models by the end of 2024,” says local Mini agent Eurokars Habitat managing director Cheryl Chiok in an interview with The Straits Times in late May.

Three new electric vehicle (EV) models will be introduced for sale in 2024, she says. They are the Cooper, which is a three-door hatchback;  and two sport utility vehicles, the Countryman and the recently unveiled Aceman.

These three models are expected to jolt the sale of Mini EVs in Singapore.

In 2023, Eurokars Habitat sold a total of 180 cars, of which only eight units were EVs. It has not sold a single EV so far in 2024. This was down from 2022 when 33 out of the 256 units sold were electric.

The only EV model it had from 2020 to 2023 was the Mini Electric. The car had a short range of 200km on a full charge, its three-door form limited its practicality and, by 2023, it was an ageing model.

To prepare for the expansion of the EV line-up, Eurokars Habitat is renovating its showroom in Leng Kee Road at the cost of about $3 million, which is expected to be ready by September.

“(The renovation) is timely for the new model launches as we expand our showroom display space over two floors for the new models,” she says. The current set-up had only one floor of display space.

The three electric Minis due in 2024 are (from left) the Cooper, Aceman and Countryman.

Is the agent ready for a three-fold increase in EV line-up? Ms Chiok says it is.

“Eurokars Habitat has started selling EVs with the launch of the Mini Electric since September 2020, thus the foundation is already in place,” she says.

“Our sales team is trained in EV product knowledge, our technicians are trained to handle EVs and our workshop facilities are also equipped with the required bays, equipment and tools.”

But even as the EV stable expands, Ms Chiok says the agent will continue to sell internal combustion-engine cars as long as the factory continues making them and if buyers continue to be interested in them.

She would not be drawn into commenting directly on the runaway sales of BYD EVs in Singapore, but was encouraged by the growing awareness and acceptance of EVs here, saying it is good timing for Mini to introduce its EV range.

In the first four months of 2024, BYD was Singapore’s best-selling car brand. This is the first time that an EV brand has managed this. With 1,804 units, the Chinese brand outsold BMW (1,640 units), Mercedes-Benz (1,465 units) and Toyota (1,256 units). The numbers exclude parallel imports.

On Mini’s competitive edge, Ms Chiok says: “Mini brings a unique brand experience and it’s always a Mini first, then an EV.”

May 24, 2024