Eurokars Group and Eurokars Habitat honoured with BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Awards

Recognised for implementation of innovative initiatives in the areas of environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and governance.

Eurokars Group is pleased to announce that both Eurokars Group and its subsidiary, Eurokars Habitat, the official authorised dealer of MINI cars in Singapore, were honoured with the overall “BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Award” and the “BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Award for Governance in Sustainability”, respectively. The awards were received at the Annual BMW Group Importer Conference held in Mallorca, Spain on 31 October 2022.

“Eurokars Group is honoured to win the overall BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Award for our efforts in all areas of sustainability,” said Ms. Charmain Kwee, Executive Director, Eurokars Group, and Co-Chair of the Eurokars Group Sustainability Working Committee. “Sustainability is important to the automotive industry, our organisation and our customers. We hope our efforts encourage others to take steps to lead a more sustainable business on both the environmental and social fronts.”

Ms. Cheryl Chiok, Managing Director of Eurokars Habitat and member of the Eurokars Group Sustainability Working Committee added, “The formation of the Eurokars Group Sustainability Working Committee and the implementation of the Eurokars Group Environmental Policy across all Group entities are concrete examples of the proactive steps we have taken to ensure sustainability goals are established and measured within our organisation. The BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Award in Governance recognises Eurokars Habitat’s efforts and continuing journey towards sustainable business practices.”

Some of the initiatives taken forth by Eurokars Group and Eurokars Habitat include:

  • Establishment of the Eurokars Sustainability Working Committee – comprised leaders from various business units in the Group, Committee members steer their respective businesses in efforts to set and achieve environmental and social sustainability goals.
  • The development and implementation of the Eurokars Environmental Policy, Occupational Health, Safety and Security Policy and Data Protection Policy to ensure all stakeholders are aligned with the drive towards sustainability and employee welfare.
  • Implementation of ongoing internal and external training programmes to upskill employees and ensuring an open-door policy to encourage direct and open communication channels across the business with all employees.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our organisation and has been entrenched in the BMW Group’s corporate culture from as far back as 1973,” said Mr. Lars Nielsen, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. “We have made many great achievements since then, both globally and locally, and are excited to recognise the exceptional work our partners, such as Eurokars Group and Eurokars Habitat, are doing to further strengthen our position as the most sustainable manufacturer in the market.

“We continue to concentrate our sustainability efforts on CO2 Reduction, Electromobility, Circularity, and Social Responsibility and look forward to having the Eurokars Group continue working side-by-side with us as we aim to achieve our goals.”

The BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Awards recognise BMW and MINI dealers who proactively implement innovative initiatives in the areas of environmental and social sustainability, as well as governance in sustainability. Submissions were evaluated by a panel of 17 judges from the BMW Group, BMW Group Asia, and BMW Group Indonesia. The award criteria include impact, involvement, time invested, frequency, and overall alignment with the BMW Group Core Values.

Eurokars Group is the only car distributorship in both Singapore and Indonesia, which houses three brands under the BMW Group (MINI, BMW, and Rolls-Royce).

January 6, 2023