The Pagani Automobili 25th anniversary celebration took place from 16 to 18 June 2023 in the center of Modena, in Piazza Roma: an homage to clients, colleagues, collaborators, enthusiasts and to the entire Motor Valley.

Horacio Pagani not only dreamt and built some of the most beautiful hypercars in the world, but he turned the company into a creative atelier where a community of people, unify hands and thoughts and face the great complexities of mechanics to master beauty. For Pagani Automobili, celebrating its 25th anniversary means, first and foremost, thanking the people who have believed in the project from the very beginning: clients, colleagues, collaborators, and the many enthusiasts around the world. It is indeed this ‘extended’ family that makes it possible every day to transform the thoughts, gestures, and words into the features of a larger, creative and always unique design. Owning a Pagani does not consist of simply possessing it, but rather in continuing to experience the emotion of driving and exchanging experiences.

Palazzo Ducale was the setting for the exhibition ‘25 Years – 25 Hypercars’, a public display that traced the brand’s history through the 25 car models that have marked its path, including the iconic Zonda (1999) and Huayra (2011) and the new Utopia (2022). All the models that have shaped the history of the brand: Zonda “La Nonna”, Zonda S, Zonda S Roadster, Zonda F, Zonda F Roadster, Zonda Cinque, Zonda R, Zonda Cinque Roadster, Zonda Tricolore, Zonda Revolucion, Zonda 760, Zonda HP Barchetta, Zonda Revo Barchetta, Huayra BC, Huayra Roadster, Roadster BC, Pagani Imola, Huayra Tricolore, Huayra R and Huayra Codalunga. Of these 25 Hypercars, some were owned by the brand and others granted by owners and collectors from all over the world.

Pagani and music, an inseparable pair. The emotional sounds of the ‘Utopia’ symphony, a jazz music piece, was used in the background to celebrate the company’s anniversary. Made up of rhythm and improvisation, this fascinating genre of music characterizes the history of a company that has always combined technology and freedom of expression. The new song entitled ‘Heart, hands and passion’ was a jazz piece written by Italian artist Mario Biondi and arranged by composer Riccardo Rossini, who edited the 13-track transcription played on the piano by young Horacio Pagani (Casilda, Argentina, 1980). The song premiered on the evening of 16 June by Nick the Nightfly and was performed by the Verdi Jazz Orchestra of the Milan Conservatory’s young musicians. Radio Monte Carlo, Official Radio Channel of the event, provided a special playlist developed by its music designers. The facade of Palazzo Ducale came to life with both a video mapping show and an evocative celebratory video.

June 17, 2023