Porsche Sportscar Together Day Drive-In Movie

On 8 June 1948, Porsche registered its very first vehicle. Today, we’re celebrating 74 years of Porsche and sports car fascination. Over the week, Porsche Singapore offered customers, Porsche club members, and media friends an exclusive drive-in cinema experience to mark the occasion.

#SportscarTogether Day is a day where Porsche fans gather around the world to celebrate and share their sports car fascination. In this year’s edition, the attendees were in for a treat – from a stunning fleet of Porsche cars on display to virtually experiencing an authentic and emotive experience driving a Porsche on Gran Turismo for a taste of speed and freedom on the racing track at our driving simulators.

With exclusive prizes up for grabs, our Porsche enthusiasts got their competitive spirit on to get answers right the fastest during the quiz segment. And when it was time for the movie ‘Bad Boys for Life’, attendees sat back and enjoyed classic movie snacks, popcorn and nachos, as they caught the 911 Carrera S in action.

Porsche is more than just a sports car – it leaves a trail of shared experiences, uniting people beyond borders. It’s all about the memories we create with those who love Porsche like we do.


July 4, 2022