The All-New, All-Electric Mazda MX-30

An EV that aims to deepen the Jinba-ittai experience.
Driving gets more enjoyable with every outing.

Eurokars Group has officially unveiled the all-new, all-electric Mazda MX-30 that is built for the city – different, sustainable and stylish.

In designing the MX-30, Mazda drew inspiration from its previous, handcrafted designs while also incorporating futuristic elements that reflect evolving values and lifestyles. The cabin design, with its framed top and freestyle doors, gives the impression of lightness and openness, and the interior features a floating console and unique materials that minimise their environmental impact. Overall, Mazda hopes that the MX-30 will inspire creativity and provide a unique and enriching experience for drivers and passengers.

As for the development of the colours and materials for the MX-30, Mazda sought to achieve a modern, natural, and high-quality appearance. Mazda also placed a strong emphasis on using environmentally-friendly materials that provide both comfort and sustainability. The fit and finish of the MX-30 are of the highest quality and sets a new standard for Mazda’s new generation of vehicles.

The Mazda MX-30 is equipped with Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics’ new-generation control technology, electric G-Vectoring Control Plus (e-GVC Plus). It is also the first production EV from Mazda to feature e-Skyactiv, an in-house developed technology. The motor control technology of the MX-30 has been specifically developed, combining the Mazda’s signature dynamic performance and responsive handling with smooth and seamless operation.

The Mazda MX-30 will be launched on 12 January at the Singapore Motorshow 2023 (Suntec Exhibition Hall, Level 4, Booth 118) and the city’s Mazda showrooms located in Ubi and Leng Kee.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Mazda MX-30, our first electric vehicle designed for urban living,” said Chong Kah Wei, Managing Director of Mazda Singapore. “The MX-30 boasts an elegant and modern design, as well as a focus on sustainability and maintaining the signature driving experience that Mazda is known for.”

A moving shot of Mazda MX-30 in Artic White.

Mindfully designed with a purpose: Your life

From the outset, the development team behind the Mazda MX-30 wanted to create a car that would become a partner to its owner. It should beg to be driven daily, and every time customers get behind the wheel, their affection for it should grow and they should feel more and more themselves. Everything about the model, from the styling that breeds a sense of familiarity to the open-feeling cabin that sets the mind free, is uncompromisingly designed around the user.

Values of Mazda MX-30

Human Modern design concept pushes out the boundaries of KODO design

For the MX-30, while retaining the beautiful, handcrafted forms of Mazda design, the design team also explored an expressive direction more in touch with emerging new values and lifestyles. That process resulted in the design of the MX-30. The Human Modern concept spurred a number of unprecedented approaches. The exterior is uncompromisingly simple to emphasise its beauty as a solid mass. The styling creates a friendly expression, and the cabin design, with its framed top and freestyle doors, embodies an image of lightness. The interior aims to give occupants a sense of being “enveloped in openness,” with a floating console and unique materials designed to minimise environmental impact. The MX-30 embodies an expressive direction in car design that helps customers discover their natural selves through the process of living with the car.

A cabin interior that focuses the mind and feelings with fine craftsmanship and environmentally-friendly materials

The team created an open-feeling cabin interior and paid particular attention to the selecting the right materials and showing them in ways that bring out their best. Heritage Cork used in the console tray is designed to emphasise the texture and visual warmth of the material. The door trim features a fibrous material with a texture that seems to contain air, creating a material-based sense of openness within the cabin. Both of these materials are designed to be low-impact and sustainable. The door trim uses fibres made from recycled plastic bottles and the cork is harvested from the bark of trees without felling. The comfortable interior of the MX-30 is composed of such environmentally friendly materials.

The air-conditioning system adopts a touchscreen control panel for the first time in a Mazda car, for safe and intuitive operation. This 7-inch touch panel also welcomes drivers getting into the car with a graphic that changes along with the external environment, offering an interactive experience designed to bring people closer to their car. From materials through to functionality and from technology through to design, all elements work together to create a space that encourages mindfulness from the moment customers open the door, while driving, and right up until they exit the vehicle.

The interior of the Mazda MX-30 has an open-feeling cabin. This is accomplished through the careful selection of materials with sustainability in mind.

Pure exhilarating driving experience

Mazda aspires to make time spent behind the wheel for everyday driving a revitalising and relaxing experience that grows more enjoyable with every outing. To achieve such a level of pure driving pleasure, Mazda focused on refining the dynamic performance of its unique Jinba-ittai experience for both the EV and mild hybrid powertrains of the MX-30. All configurations of the MX-30 employ Mazda’s e-Skyactiv electric technology. Based on technologies such as Mazda’s Skyactiv engine and Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, the engine, motor, brakes and generator are designed to work together in perfect harmony and provide smooth, high-quality dynamic performance. Mazda’s first EV model is equipped with unique new EV technology developed in-house to serve as a fundamental element of e-Skyactiv. Natural feedback crafted to match human characteristics is afforded by precise torque control and sound that lets the driver know exactly what the car is doing. Electric G-Vectoring Control Plus (e-GVC Plus) enhances the consistency of omnidirectional vehicle response to control inputs and aims to realise seamless transitions between G-forces. The MX-30 incorporates these new powertrains and technologies to lend yet greater depth to the joy offered by the Mazda driving experience.

Advanced safety performance for enjoyment and peace of mind

Aiming for a future society free of car accidents, Mazda is continually working to advance safety performance under the Mazda Proactive Safety philosophy. The MX-30 strengthens the i-Activsense advanced safety technology suite with new functionality added to Smart Brake Support (SBS) aimed at helping to avoid collisions at intersections or mitigate damage if such a collision does occur.

i-Activsense also introduces new technology designed to help keep drivers on track on roads with curbs or discernible edges, even in the absence of lane markings. Thanks to a body that is both strong and efficiently absorbs energy despite adopting freestyle doors with no center pillar, collision safety performance is excellent. Additionally, the EV model incorporates a carefully designed protective structure for the high-voltage battery. Mazda has applied the latest technologies and development concepts to the MX-30 so everybody can enjoy its responsive performance and the peace of mind that comes with it.

A car that stimulates customers to use it in new and creative ways

Mazda aims to create a deeper bond between people and cars and make life with a car a richer and more rewarding experience. With the MX-30, the company hopes to offer not only a new choice for customers but new and life-enriching ways of using and spending time with your car. In addition to the above-mentioned values, the adoption of the freestyle doors not only enhances functionality, it opens up a wide range of new and creative uses for the MX-30. Mazda hopes that, in addition to enjoying the drive, customers will use the car creatively and make it truly their own. Examples include enjoying the scenery that passes by, the pleasant time spent driving together, as well as meeting people and creating new bonds on outings.

The Mazda MX-30 with its freestyle doors – a new door structure that emerges out of careful consideration of design ease of use and safety performance – inspire drivers to use the car creatively.

January 13, 2023