The MINI One Frozen Brass Edition now available in Singapore.

Modern British flair with an artistic twist.

MINI Asia and Eurokars Habitat today announced the launch of the MINI One Frozen Brass Edition in Singapore, a special edition inspired by the unique brass work found in various forms of art. This latest edition is exclusively available in the 3-Door and 5-Door variants.

“Historically, brass was revered as a symbol of status in homes and was heavily featured in the 1920s at the beginning of the Art Deco movement,” said Mr Kidd Yam, Head of MINI Asia. “As brass has a fascinating history and holds an important place in the design world, the MINI One Frozen Brass Edition was created for those who have an especial appreciation of sleek stylised forms.”

Stylish Frozen Brass design elements.

The MINI One Frozen Brass Edition features a host of embellishments that further underscore the character of the MINI 3-Door and MINI 5-Door, and lends an air of impressive exclusivity. Frozen brass accents in lieu of chrome can be found on the headlight and rear light trims, trunk lid grille, and MINI emblems. The brass colouring can also be found on the door handles, as well as a unique side wrap inspired by a close-up of the Union Jack. The exhaust tailpipe is sprayed Jet Black to contrast with the brass accents, and match with the 17” Pedal Spoke Black wheels with runflat tyres.

On the inside, the MINI One Frozen Brass Edition features a Piano Black interior panel, as well as seats in Leatherette Carbon Black. The Piano Black treatment is also applied on the controls of the sports multi-function steering wheel wrapped in nappa leather. Features across the refreshed MINI model range are standard as well, including the 5-inch digital instrument cluster, as well as the 8.8-inch colour touchscreen display of the central infotainment system.

“Lounge” and “Sport” modes.

There is a choice of two colour schemes for the central instrument display and the digital cockpit display, which can be called up in the control system menu. In “Lounge” mode, the content displayed is in a relaxing colour setting ranging between turquoise and petrol blue. If “Sport” mode is active, the screen backgrounds are red and anthracite. The colour scheme is also linked to the various MINI Driving Modes. In the MID and GREEN modes, the “lounge” style screen display is then called up, and when driving in “SPORT” mode, the corresponding colour scheme of the same name is also activated. Optionally, a uniform colour scheme for all MINI Driving Modes can be set in the control system menu.

The colour worlds of the displays can also be combined with the interior light control. There is a choice of six interior light colours for each of the two modes “Lounge” and “Sport”. They can each be set using a toggle switch located in the upper area of the windscreen frame. Corresponding coloured light is then emitted from the laser-engraved LED ring of the central instrument, from the now indirectly illuminated undersides of the interior surfaces, along the contours of the door panels, at the driver’s and passenger’s door openers, from the base of the roof as well as in the front area of the centre console and in the footwells. This provides an individually configurable and always harmonious lighting mood in the car’s interior. In addition, the Ambient Light feature also illuminates the door handles and the entry areas on the driver and passenger sides.

Fun and efficiency in a compact package.

The 3-cylinder petrol engine of the MINI One Frozen Brass Edition draws its power from a capacity of 1.5 litres, with a maximum power output of 102 hp and a top torque output of 190 Nm. The potent engine features petrol direct injection with a maximum pressure of 350 bar, ensuring that drivers can zip through the ins, outs, and roundabouts of Singapore with effortless flair. The engine has been developed for optimised fuel consumption and emissions so as to be able to comply with the more rigorous exhaust emission standards of the future.

Always connected to your MINI: The new MINI App.

The new MINI App offers an advanced user experience that is completely oriented towards a digital lifestyle. It allows drivers to contact their MINI at any time, for example to call up information on the car’s status or to prepare the next excursion. The MINI App, which can currently be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, serves as a universal interface between the smartphone or other personal devices and the car.

  • Destinations are easy to find via the integrated search function and can be sent directly from the app to the vehicle’s navigation system. It is also possible to transmit destinations from third-party apps. The map shows the current traffic situation, filling stations and charging stations, as well as parking options.
  • The Remote Services function is particularly useful when the driver is not near the car. For example, if he isn’t sure that the windows are fully closed or if the doors are locked, all he needs to do is to check the status on the MINI App (available for Apple and Android smartphones). The car doors can be remotely locked and unlocked via the app. On a particularly hot day, the driver is also able to cool down the car by switching on the air ventilation function via the app well before he gets to the driver’s seat. Other useful information such as the car’s fuel level is also reflected on the app.
  • The MINI App offers easy access to the BMW Group ecosystem. It can be used to contact Eurokars Habitat directly, and customers can keep an eye on their vehicle’s service requirements in the app. MINI Roadside Assistance can also be contacted via the app if there are any issues with the vehicle.

The MINI One Frozen Brass Edition is now available for viewing at the Eurokars Habitat showroom.

Additional information enclosed:

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March 10, 2022