The New Mazda CX-5 – A Bold Icon of Adventure

Stylish, spacious and distinct personalities, reimagined to offer more choice than ever before.

SINGAPORE, 12 August 2022 – Eurokars Group has officially unveiled the new Mazda CX-5, the Japanese marque’s ever-popular premium SUV, with significant updates and refinements since its launch in 2012. Aligned with the mission to create an even stronger bond between customers and their Mazda CX-5, this year’s update offers different grades (Elegance, Luxury and Luxury Sports) that aim to satisfy a diverse range of lifestyle choices.

Launching 13 August at Cars@Expo (Singapore EXPO Hall 4, Booth C03) and the city’s Mazda showrooms located at Ubi and Leng Kee, the Mazda CX-5 presents a striking bold, modern and sharper look, an evolution of its award-winning Kodo Design.

Featuring augmented design and enhanced driving experience, the new Mazda CX-5 boasts dynamic quality with its successive refinements that include increased performance, utility, and convenience. As the updated Mazda CX-5 evolves into a crossover SUV, Mazda inspires customers to take joy in longer journeys and discover new challenges.

With refined driving dynamics, the updated CX-5 adopts the Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture philosophy, a set of structural technologies that reduces driver fatigue, provides improved ride comfort and quietness. Also, the newly adopted “Mi-Drive” (Mazda intelligent Drive select) enables the driver to easily select a preferred drive mode with the touch of a switch, boosting Mazda’s Jinba-ittai driving experience to a higher level.

The solid SUV functionality of the new Mazda CX-5 extends to the cargo area. Its new flat design makes it easy to load and unload cargo, and a water-resistant coating allows customers to toss in wet or dirty items without hesitation. Also, a new hands-free power tailgate enhances convenience for outdoor leisure activities and everyday use.

On CX-5’s fresh styling and significant updates, Steven Teo, Managing Director of Mazda Singapore, says: “We are excited to welcome the arrival of the new Mazda CX-5 as it is an important model in Mazda’s product line. This sporty SUV has been a model of Japanese premium craftsmanship paired with reliability and performance. With the introduction of new grade selections to suit difference preferences, this model continues to promise excellent driver engagement, style, quality finishes and most importantly, utmost comfort.”

Broaden your horizons your way

Lifestyles change, and while still taking care of their families and partners, the CX-5 aims to be there to support owners at all times as they continue their search to discover their ideal selves and broaden their horizons. By offering a selection of grades geared toward different tastes that respond to the growing diversity in lifestyles, the updated CX-5 grows into its role as the “self-expression SUV” that fills the owner’s heart and soul with positive energy. Expanding on the previously embraced philosophy, “an SUV that brings a smile to the faces of all who ride in it,” the updated CX-5 realises a form that responds to the needs of diverse lifestyles.

Field Journey – the CX-5 Elegance & Luxury
The Field Journey package is geared toward customers who want to move freely between urban and rural settings to enjoy everyday life and outdoor activities with family and friends. The cargo area adopts materials resistant to water and scratches, so customers needn’t worry about carrying wet or dirty gear.

Sports Appearance – the CX-5 Luxury Sports
The Sports Appearance package satisfies customers interested in sporty excitement and a cool urban look. The overall finish reflects quality in a somewhat modest fashion. Still, the black base tone used on the exterior and inside the cabin gives it a bold look, while red accents stimulate the passion of the sport-minded. The aim was to build a car that invites the owner to look at it, touch it, and, above all, drive it.

Suede finish seats embossed with hexagonal patterns in lime green accents convey a visual impression of utility, function, and SUV toughness

Red stitching on the black leather seat adds a touch of passion, lifting the driver’s mood.

Interior view from the driver’s cockpit featuring the matching lime green accents on the seats’ stitching and air-conditioning louvers

Interior view featuring red stitching on the black leather seat and steering wheel. The overall finish reflects quality with its black base tones giving it a bold look, while the red accents stimulate the sports-minded passion.


The challenge to create new expressions never ends
The latest iteration of Mazda’s Kodo design language is incorporated to add greater depth to its unique expression, achieving a balance between functionality and beautiful form. Character line accents are minimised while transitions in the body surfaces reflect light striking them to emphasise the body’s structure and texture. Keen attention was devoted to creating a form that expresses strength and vitality as light hits its surface. The new design focuses on the front and rear ends, adding a heightened sense of SUV toughness to the refined solid mass of the CX-5 body. Considering colour as a vital part of the body’s shape, Mazda also prepared the new Zircon Sand Metallic body colour that expresses the sparkle of zircon sand, a mineral used in foundry castings.

A fusion of Elegance and SUV toughness
The design for this update represents a skillful fusion of elegant beauty and SUV toughness. The front face gains a new design. The signature wing, a distinctive body trim that extends outward from the front grille, adopts a unique design that features surface forms rather than lines to assume the look of a sturdy frame and convey the tough stature of the updated CX-5. The front grille design has also undergone significant changes, with the mesh surface replaced by a three-dimensional series of piercings that seemingly float on the face of the grille to impart a deeper look.

The previously favoured sporty front and rear lamps also changed their exterior appearance and design. Four oblong LED lamps — two on each side — spread out horizontally to create an eye-catching look of breadth. The new design expresses the CX-5’s all-rounded performance potential, produces a more clearly defined aggressive attitude, and emphasises the body’s width.

The new Mazda CX-5 in Zircon Sand Metallic colour on rocky terrain, highlighting the sense of SUV toughness (front view);

Zircon Sand Metallic body colour that expresses the sparkle of zircon sand, a mineral used in foundry castings

Presenting the updated Mazda CX-5 rear lamps – now with oblong LED lamps, two on each side – horizontally spread out to create a broad spectacular (rear view fromthe side).

Driving Dynamics

The never-ending challenge to deliver driving pleasure
Mazda took the Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture concept, first introduced on the current MAZDA3, and applied it to the updated CX-5 while further evolving the body, suspension, and seats. This stems from the desire to provide customers with a natural feel to driving that inspires them to keep driving for as long as possible and provides quality and ride comfort that encourages them to go out and explore as far as they can.

The gear shift control logic evolves to respond faithfully to the driver’s intention, realising a pleasant driving feeling. This further shortens the brief amount of time required for the automatic transmission to shift gears while accelerating, minimises accelerating interruption, and delivers a tighter, fresher, more natural feel to driving. The updated CX-5 also introduces Mazda intelligent Drive select (Mi-Drive).

Minimizing the shock of bumps and enhancing ride comfort and quality
A damping control structure was introduced on the body frame to enhance ride comfort for vibration suppression. Changes to the suspension’s damping characteristics and spring settings help achieve a smooth ride while minimising the impact while driving over bumps. Hence, preventing tensed muscles during the drive causing fatigue or even car sickness.

Unique seat design provides natural driving feel with reduced body sway
The key to safe and comfortable driving is maintaining a relaxed and comfortable seating position for the driver and passengers. Humans find comfort in smooth, regular motion. The shape of the seats was optimised to maintain the natural S-shaped curve of the spine, reducing the amount and speed of back-and-forth and sideto-side head movement and stabilising eye movement.

Significantly reduced road noise on rough roads
One of the many development goals was to achieve a level of quietness that would allow cabin occupants to enjoy conversation with one another regardless of the car’s traveling speed. The team appropriately managed the suspension parts’ resonance frequency to reduce road noise, particularly when driving on rough surfaces, such as gravel roads.

A smooth shift feel that is in sync with the driver’s sensibilities
The Skyactiv-Drive in the new Mazda CX-5 enhances the feeling of linear response to the driver’s intentions. It achieves both a more refined, pleasant feel to upshifts when accelerating and a sense of smoother, uninterrupted acceleration. In situations that require continuous strong acceleration, such as when merging onto a highway, the CX-5 delivers a powerful and seamless feeling of acceleration free of perceptible interruptions

The new Mazda CX-5 — A perfect drive from day to night (in Soul Red Crystal Metallic).


A design that makes people want to give it a go
Customers considering an SUV hold equally high expectations for the cargo area as they do for the cockpit. Hence, Mazda adopted a two-piece floorboard with front and rear sections the customer can individually move up or down to load luggage more neatly. The flat new cargo area makes it easier than ever to load and unload luggage. Increased storage space under the floor can accommodate camping gear or other sports equipment, letting customers stow necessary small items for those little outings and providing practical hidden storage space for everyday use.

The Reversible Luggage Board with 3-way functionality
Setting the floorboard in its default upper position lets the cargo area be used with a flat floor. When a little more height is needed to carry more oversized items, the driver need only set the floorboard to its lower position to secure that extra height. In addition, the board’s two-piece construction allows it to be used with one of its front and rear sections in the upper position and the other in the lower position. This ingenious feature allows the customer greater freedom to match their specific needs. The floorboard is also reversible. Using the water-resistant side face up lets the customer load wet or dirty items into the cargo area without hesitation.

Flat, versatile cargo area
The development team eliminated the height difference between the cargo area floor and the tailgate sill for this update. Not only does this flat entranceway make loading and unloading of heavy cargo far more manageable, but it also secures an even more expansive flat space with the rear seat folded down. The larger space makes the cargo area useful in various scenarios, whether stowing large leisure gear, enjoying greater comfort when sleeping inside the vehicle while camping, or opening the tailgate and using it as a bench while engaging in conversation and enjoying a drink.

A subtrunk that is resistant to both water and scratches
Mazda built a subtrunk that is resistant to both water and scratches. Customers can toss in wetsuits that are still dripping wet or hiking boots covered in mud and not worry about them dirtying other items. They can remove and wipe the tray with a damp cloth to clean the space.

The spacious trunk with a water-resistant luggage board allows the surfboard or any huge damp items to be fitted in without hesitation.

Featuring the spacious cargo area with the reversible luggage board with 3-way functionality.

Practical new features
The CX-5 aims to provide convenience in daily use and outdoor leisure scenes. As such, it includes some helpful
equipment features.

• Wireless charging (Qi charging)
The customer needs only place their smartphone on the center console tray to charge it using the built-in wireless Qi charging pad, eliminating the hassle of connecting the phone to a cable to charge it.
• Hands-free power tailgate*1
The updated CX-5 is equipped with a hands-free power tailgate function. The tailgate can be opened or closed when the sensor mounted below the center of the rear bumper detects foot movement (in the form of a kicking motion). The function is convenient when, for example, returning from shopping with one’s hands full or not wanting to get one’s hands wet or dirty on rainy days.

*1 Available for Luxury & Luxury Sports Grade

The center console tray with built-in Qi charging pad for wireless charging of smartphone.

A quick kick motion beneath the sensor located under the rear bumper lets you open and close the power tailgate when your hands are full or when you don’t want to touch the car because it is wet or muddy (right).

Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive)

Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive) — Jinba-ittai driving feel
Newly adopted in this product update is Mazda Intelligent Drive Select – Mi-Drive which supports Jinba-ittai driving on-road. With its high-level controllability, Mi-Drive provides safe and secure driving on various road surfaces. Mi-Drive’s driving performance is on a whole new level, supporting you to make the most of your outdoor activities.

Two drive modes for enhanced Jinba-ittai
Mi-Drive offers two modes for the driver to select from depending on the environment, “Normal” and “Sport”. The former pursues the best balance between fuel economy and driving performance, and the latter prioritises responsiveness. Pursuing further enhanced driving pleasure in an SUV, Mazda utilised its Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics technology to deliver Jinba-ittai driving sensations.

• Sport mode
Switching characteristics of control systems such as the engine or AT to prioritise responsiveness provides even more agile-feeling acceleration on winding roads or motorways. Additionally, complementing the enhanced responsiveness, GVC characteristics are optimised to offer a more direct and higher sense of oneness with the car when operating the vehicle.

Advanced Human Machine Interface (Meter graphic)
A simple toggle switch combined with a meter graphic enables the driver to tell the transition state of the mode, allowing the driver to instantly select the best mode for the situation. When changing modes, the driver can operate the switch without looking at it since the guide will be displayed on the meter linked with the switching.

Mazda CX-5 Specifications

Engine Transmission Drive type
SkyActiv-G 4 cylinder
DOHC, 16-valve


SKYACTIV-G 2.0 engine specifications

Displacement 1,998cc
Bore x stroke 83.5mm × 91.2mm
Compression ratio 13.0 : 1
Max. power 121kW (165ps) / 6,000rpm
Max. torque 213Nm / 4,000rpm

Mazda CX-5 Updates Summary

The SUV that meets the diversified lifestyles of family and the driver’s self-expression

To meet various lifestyle or
personality needs
Refined Toughness
Powerful and
performance with a
smooth and supple ride
Utility / Safety
Ample utility with full
safety and convenient
Grades for customers with varied tastes

  • CX-5 Elegance
  • CX-5 Luxury
  • CX-5 Luxury Sports
Incorporating the latest KODO design elements, deepened expression with functionality and beauty.


  • Grille and signature wing
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Headlamp and rear combination lamps
  • Alloy wheels
  • Tailgate garnish

New body colour, Zircon Sand

Further enhanced natural driving through Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture and other Skyactiv technologies.

  • Driving Dynamics, Ride Comfort, and NVH
  • Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive)
Improvement for day-by-day and outdoor usability

  • Cargo room improvement
  • Qi wireless charger
August 23, 2022