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Porsche Indonesia joins forces with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to unveil a special Chilli inspired 911

Porsche Indonesia joins forces with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to unveil a special Chilli inspired 911

A uniquely Indonesian 911, commissioned by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Despite being a country with diverse landscapes, cultures and cuisines, one ingredient unites the varied palates of Indonesia: Chilli. Today, Porsche Indonesia reveals a very special collection of 911s designed specifically for the country, celebrating the nation’s passion for the spice.

“Indonesia’s love affair with chilli is no secret, with the fiery ingredient found in countless national dishes. Similarly, the 911 is revered as a Porsche icon worldwide and of course, in Indonesia as well. Therefore, we combined Indonesians’ love for chilli with the craftsmen from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to create this 911 inspired by our favourite spice,” said Michael Vetter, Managing Director of Porsche Indonesia, during the official unveiling at Porsche Centre Jakarta on 31 May 2022.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur specializes in meeting individual customer wishes, with more than 700 options available across all model series. The demand for individualisation is steadily increasing and the level of vehicle enhancement is particularly extensive in 911 models, with 25% of 911 units delivered worldwide visiting the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur workshops before ventual delivery to the final customer. Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur is only available in selected countries, with Indonesia being one of only two countries offering this option in the Porsche Asia Pacific region.*

In total, 9 units of the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur 911 ‘Chilli’ have been commissioned, each based on the Porsche 911 Carrera S with 450 PS maximum power output, sprinting from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds on its way to a top speed of 308km/h. Due overwhelming demand, all 9 units have been sold prior to the official unveiling.

Each unit is equipped with an 8-speed PDK transmission and produced with carefully selected Exclusive Manufaktur options. The 9 units come in three different exterior base colors : White, GT Silver Metallic, and Black. Additional exterior colours in Guards Red, Phyton Green and Lava Orange and Porsche lettering make the 911 ‘Chilli’ stand out further. Each unit is further accessorized with a Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Aero-kit, Porsche logos painted in high-gloss black, sport exhaust system with black tailpipes and exclusive design tail lights.

In the interior, two-tone leather upholstery and decorative stitching are colour-matched to the highlight colour on the car’s exterior. Personalized door sill guards in brushed aluminium and illuminated Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur logos top off the list of special features.

“We are proud to offer Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur options in Indonesia, with strong demand for individualization among our passionate customers. Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur enables the creation of sports cars that are as individual as a customer‘s own fingerprint and we are heartened by the positive response on this special collection made just for Indonesia.” concluded Michael Vetter.

*The Porsche Asia Pacific region refers to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, New Zealand, Cambodia, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Mongolia