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Driving Positive Change: Eurokars Group Honoured with BMW Group Asia Sustainability Award Again

Driving Positive Change: Eurokars Group Honoured with BMW Group Asia Sustainability Award Again

From left to right: Mr. Lars Nielsen, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia, Singapore, Ms. Charmain Kwee, Co-Chair of SWC, Group Executive Director, Eurokars Group and Eurokars Auto (BMW), and Mr. Jean-Philippe Parain, Sales Region Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, BMW Group AG

Eurokars Group proudly receives the BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Award again, in the Social category for 2023. This achievement follows our remarkable success last year when we clinched the awards for the Overall and Governance categories.

This year holds a special significance as Eurokars Group (headquarters), Eurokars Auto (BMW) and Eurokars Habitat (MINI) have purposefully channeled our efforts towards creating a meaningful social impact. This underlines our steadfast commitment to social responsibility, harmoniously aligning with our overarching mission to effect positive change in the communities where we operate.

Front row – from left to right: Ms. Cheryl Chiok, Managing Director, Eurokars Habitat (MINI) Ms. Charmain Kwee, Co-Chair of SWC, Group Executive Director, Eurokars Group and Eurokars Auto (BMW) Ms. Chan Li Wen, Group General Counsel, Co-Chair of SWC, Eurokars Group Back row – from left to right: Ms. Gem Ng, Senior Manager, Group Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Eurokars Group Ms. Ong Lay Ling, Group Managing Director, Eurokars Group Ms. Amanda Tan, Group Human Resource Director, Eurokars Group

Ms. Charmain Kwee, Group Executive Director and Co-Chair of Sustainability Working Committee (SWC), states, “we strongly believe in giving back to the community, and our engagement and commitment go beyond our offices and our showrooms. So thus, we actively find meaningful ways to give back to the less fortunate, while being mindful of the environmental impact we are creating.”

Key Social Initiatives Recognised

  1. Food Delivery with Sustainability in Mind
    In collaboration with Food from the Heart, an IPC-status food charity dedicated to feeding the less fortunate in Singapore, Eurokars Group participated in the door-to-door delivery programme. Leveraging the Eurokars’ fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) – including the BMW IX, the IX3 and several MINI EVs – 22 of our volunteers delivered food packs to 56 beneficiaries across Singapore in July 2023. This initiative underscores the Group’s dedication to both environmental sustainability and community welfare.
  2. Equal Employment Opportunities and Career Development
    Eurokars Group has taken significant strides in championing equal employment opportunities for all our potential talents. In April 2023, the Ministry of Manpower (M.O.M.) found the Group to be 100% compliant with all Key Employment Terms. And in June of the same year, Eurokars Group pledged commitment to the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP), promising nondiscrimination in job postings based on race, nationality, religion, gender, and marital status in job postings.The Group ensures fair career development opportunities for all of our employees, advocating for gender neutrality with over 50% female leaders in the management team. Professional growth of our staff is also prioritised through structured training by respective brands.
  3. Employee Well-being
    To further promote employee work-life balance and well-being, Eurokars Group has also recently improved employees’ annual leave entitlement, initiated monthly sweet treats, and reevaluated the bonus scheme for fair rewards based on performance. Additionally, the Group conducts audiometry tests for employees exposed to noise pollution and arranges annual health screenings for all employees.

The BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Awards acknowledge BMW and MINI dealers actively engaging in inventive initiatives within environmental and social sustainability, as well as governance practices. A panel of 17 judges from the BMW Group, BMW Group Asia, and BMW Group Indonesia assessed submissions based on impact, involvement, time commitment, frequency, and overall alignment with BMW Group Core Values.

At Eurokars Group, we firmly believe that our value is deeply connected with our people. Cultivating a spirit of generosity within our organisation is of paramount importance; it is this collective spirit that propels us toward a more sustainable future.

Eurokars Group stands out as the only car distributor in both Singapore and Indonesia, hosting all three prestigious brands under the BMW Group umbrella (BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars). As the largest privately-owned non-listed car distributor within the region, we operate beyond the constraints of regulatory requirements. Despite being exempt from such obligations, our consistent receipt of the BMW Group Asia Polaris Sustainability Awards further underscores our unwavering dedication to sustainability, solidifying our vision of delivering excellence towards a sustainable future.