Helping to raise $60,000 for ST Charity Fund

Corporate Social Responsibility

66 Porsches Help Raise $60,000 For ST Charity Fund


A convoy of 66 Porsches raced off from Queenstown, kicking off a series of charity activities that included a mini-driving circuit to test drivers' skills and an islandwide treasure hunt. The 90-minute hunt took them through locations such as Goodwood Park Hotel, Emerald Hill and Asia Square. Participants had to identify and answer questions related to sculptures and landmarks.

The top prize for the day included a pair of Singapore Airlines business class tickets to a Porsche backstage tour in the German cities of Stuttgart and Leipzig, a bottle of Macan wine and a trophy. About S$29,500 was raised in sign-up fees, with the executive chairman of the Eurokars Group, Mr. Karsono Kwee, matching the sum and bringing the total to S$60,000.