Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant
Leng Kee Road
Full Time
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    Job Overview

    • Location
      Leng Kee Road
    • Brand
    • Experience

    Job Responsibilities

    Main objectives of the role

    • Boost sales by giving each visitor the feeling of being treated unique
    • Prepare, negotiate and agree on the offer with the customer, recommend financial services offer and prepare the contract with  the customer
    • Acquire and loyalise customers and ensure customer satisfaction at any time

    Tasks and activities of the role

    • Analyzes the sales area and market potential
    • Updates the sales literature and promotional flyers
    • Plans and conducts acquisition activities in the case of select target groups in the particular market area
    • Creates and systematically administers customer and interested party files as well as enters ascertained and current customer data (address generation via in-store contact, area acquisition, address purchase, marketing measures)
    • Performs customer/interested party approach
    • Schedules and performs the follow-up after the initial contact
    • Performs customer need analysis
    • Systematically presents the vehicle while creating a clear customer connection
    • Helps the customer to experience the vehicle  with all five senses
    • Organizes the test drive with the need-based vehicle
    • Configures the car tailored to the customer’s needs
    • Takes over the customer from the Product Genius
    • Verifies the configured car and ensures all needed features are integrated (missing features to be integrated)
    • Reconfirms the customer’s purchase decision
    • Negotiates the terms of the purchasing contract with the customer
    • Offers financial services products to the customer
    • Closes the deal with the customer and creates the offer
    • Prepares and generates the contract
    • Generates calculations and correctness of customer orders/contracts
    • Defines when and in which intervals the customer wants to be informed during the time until delivery / handover
    • Organises the delivery / handover
    • Performs the delivery / handover
    • Introduces the Service Advisor to the customer
    • Maintains contact with existing customers through meetings, emails and by phone
    • Consults existing customers via various ways (direct approach, telephone marketing, customer approach, event marketing)

    Job Requirements

    • Good general education
    • Driving license
    • Business or technical training (optional)
    • Certified Automotive Sales Advisor
    • Experience in a motor vehicle company
    • Working experience with customer contact
    • Working experience with service
    • Experience with contract negotiations
    • Professional experience as a Sales Advisor

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