Warranty Administrator

Warranty Administrator
27A Tanjong Penjuru
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      27A Tanjong Penjuru
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    Job Responsibilities

    Main Purpose of Job :
    The Warranty Administrator coordinates and handles all Warranty/Goodwill and Recall campaigns according to the Manufactures and company guidelines and policies. She/he must make ensure that all relevant documents are complete /documented, and the explanations are clear to understand for internal or external Auditors. She/he provides Analysis and Reports to the After Sales Manager, Service & Workshop Manager / Workshop Executive and highlights potential risks for the company.

    Duties & Responsibilities :
    1. Control the time units of warranty jobs and all clocking. (KPI)
    2. Prepare and process warranty claims for submissions to PAP/PAG via the WWS warranty system. (KPI)
    3. Monitor the status of warranty claims after submission. (KPI)
    4. Inform the After-Sales Manager / Service & Workshop Manager / Workshop Executive of rejected claims; to review and re-submit the claim to PAP/PAG.
    5. Provide weekly report on warranty claim status to After-Sales Manager / Service & Workshop Manager / Workshop Executive
    6. Responsible for labeling warranty tagged and upkeep of warranty/goodwill parts and their disposal according to Porsche Guidelines.
    7. Responsible to keep the warranty storage room clean and organized and locked.
    8. Update warranty records and provide monthly submissions summary to After-Sales Manager / Service
    & Workshop Manager / Workshop Executive
    9. Update of Recall and Workshop campaign to all relevant after-sales staff and Recall campaigns to Land Transport Authority (LTA).
    10. Follow up closely with relevant after-sales staff pertaining to recall campaigns and workshop campaigns.

    11. Control all job cards especially warranty jobs to assure that all relevant details are mentioned, customer signatures are included, and all requested documents/test logs/photos are attached. (KPI)
    12. Check at random the number of outstanding campaigns not completed through the WWS system to ensure that all recall campaigns are carried out accordingly. (KPI)
    13. Monitor and ensure all relevant information is correct in PQIS and closing of PQIS jobs in the PPN system. (KPI)
    14. Maintain effective communication with the regional office of Porsche and the Principal.
    15. Any other suitable duties assigned from time to time by the Management.

    Job Requirements

    • Minimum 2 years of working experience in relevant field handling warranty
    • Minimum Diploma in Engineering or equivalent
    • Strong communication skills
    • A team player and able to work independently
    • Basic knowledge of car mechanism
    • Candidates who have prior working experience in Automobile industry will have added advantage

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